Essays and Stories
by Seyed P. Razavi

© 2020

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"Echoes" in Radvocate #15

My short story "Echoes" is now available in print in the new edition of the Radvocate. You can grab your copy on Amazon: The Radvocate 15 A short excerpt from the story: The mirror shattered. It was the sixth one this month. Sitar looked at her dozen reflections in the fragments. Her face concealed with drops of blood, she looked away. Dragging her fingers across the carpet beneath her bed, she felt the snag of...

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On Writing

It’s time I got serious about writing. To that end, I’ve set myself a goal to write a thousand words a day, every day throughout April. This is one of the key pieces of advice I got from Stephen King in his very approachable, part-biography and part-writing masterclass, On Writing. I’ve been telling stories, to myself and others, as far back as I remember. In the holidays, staying with family and far from friends, I’d...

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A Life in Programming Languages

An autobiography of the programming languages that I have learned, their place in my life and the surrounding technological context. Age: 9 (1987) - Logo I was in primary school and there was a BBC Micro computer that was on a wheeled trolley. Two by two, we would be given a set time to answer questions on a nature database and an opportunity to "play with the turtle". The turtle would receive instructions which would...

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Getting Things Done

or How I stopped worrying and embraced change Sometime back in 2015, I decided that I would push myself to pursue full-time university study whilst continuing on a fairly demanding career. Like any good engineer, taking on a new, uncertain project: I prototyped. I enrolled on to various free online courses and decided I would be part of that rare 3% or so that actually finished one. It was useful to find out what it...

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Its the day after our return back to London and I am still in a state of being ‘fringed': the heady mix of cultural nourishment and physical exhaustion that is the aftermath of trying to cram in as many shows as possible into far too little time. The Edinburgh Fringe has been a showcase of the performing arts every August since 1947 but it was the first time I had gone. There’s a carnival spirit...

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My (short) Life as a Corporate Shill

A Watch the Skies 2 Megagame - After Action Report I’ve never been more prepared and confused before the start of a game. I came with a bag packed with press releases and standard contracts ready to do business. As the PR officer for LexCorp, I figured my role was to interact with the press and deal with PR issues with a side-order of salesmanship. Last minute, I’d prepared some handouts for other players outlining our...

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Learning to learn again

It was easy in the relaxed environment of a spa weekend get away to decide that I would begin a new phase of higher education. The excitement of exploring philosophy and classics, a passion I had from my teenage years onwards, didn't take much effort to build. I was soon on the Open University (OU) website looking at modules and plotting a degree programme. Filling in the necessary forms to enrol and even ordering the...

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That was then, this is now

Have you ever looked at an old photo of yourself and tried to remember what you were like then? Imagine if you could see not just what you looked like but also what you thought at the time as well? In a way, my recent salvaging of my blogs from 2002 to 2005, plus a few writings from 2013, have given me an opportunity to do just that.  This isn't entirely indulgent naval-gazing I hope...

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